Sunday, 23 August 2009

More about Industrial LCD Enclosures

With the gaining popularity and exceptional performance digital signage is being adopted in most factories as they feel this to be a cost effective solution. Factories use these digitally signed LCD displays in their floors for various purposes. Some of these include training their staffs, monitor the production activity daily and also to portray the company’s product to the visitors.

This tends to be a cost effective solution as these digital hoarding can hold different information at different time and thus are one time investments. Though this is a great step ahead, it is not without its traditional problems. As with every other electronic equipment these digital signed LCD and LED are prone to damages and even small dust particles or a splash of water could crash them.

In a factory where you can’t control the number of people walking around and also the dust and smoke involved, you got to think of the right methods to protect these displays. It is in this regard, Industrial LCD Protective enclosures come into picture. These protective elements protect the LCD display from vandals and also from environmental pollutants.

Some IP54 LCD enclosures available in the market are the cheapest solution if you got to protect the displays only from dust and minor fluid splashes. You can also go for NEMA LCD enclosures if you want to protect these displays from strong water jet and these can be used in factories that clean their floors regularly with water.

The basic principle behind this enclosures is that your LCD display will be mounted to a VESA plate and the there will be grommets closed that gives a waterproof sealing to your display. Some of these units are also capable of maintaining and regulating the internal temperature and you can go for the one that fits in your budget.