Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How Does a Car Dealer benefit from Digital Signage?

With the financial world effecting the automotive industry, we take a look at how the dealerships can benefit from digital signage.

Reinforce the Brand Image.

Digital signage can power your brand forward with consistent, fresh messages for either national coverage or the parent manufacturer.

The colour and clarity of professional grade LCD screens makes watching the Super Bowl awesome and surpasses anything that static poster signs can offer, making digital signage the foremost used marketing tool.

No more fighting with the manufacturer for promotional material, as you can split the screen and feature images of the fleet, with videos and other feeds to contribute success to your signage campaign. You can use the signage to promote the local dealer in the same way a multi – national corporation does.

Increase Staff knowledge whilst increasing sales.

In this day and age, high turnover of staff is common place, digital signage is used for training each new employee, helping them to memorize the statistics and details of each vehicle. With the deployment of Interactive kiosks, this is achieved by referring customers to the displays, sot hey can have a “walk through” for the vehicle of their dreams. The sort of information gained by the customer from these kiosks provides customers with enough knowledge to go forward with the purchase.

Decrease perceived waiting time.

Whilst customers are waiting, they can be made aware of the promotional offers as well as finance details arming the customer with enough information so they are ready to move ahead. Videos used in digital signage are perfect, as potential buyers can see the model they want in action, such as crossing flooded rivers for an SUV or driving fast round a test track for a sports car.

Cost Savings.

Static banners and posters are expensive to keep replacing, especially when you want the content to remain relevant throughout the year, this is one major advantage of digital signage, as the content can be updated at the click of a mouse. No more waiting for the printer to get back to you with a lead time. As well as cost savings there are also environmental savings too, when you move to outdoor digital signage you are proving a greener solution, as the old printed advertisements will not end up in land fill.

Controlling your network from the office.

Nothing else puts you in total control of your signage than dynamic signs, as you can integrate them into your wireless network in the office, no matter if you have a single screen or multi – screen signs these can all be controlled from one central point – the office!

Future proofing your dynamic signage.

A dynamic signage system can easily be integrated into your inventory and POS system, making it an awesome tool that incorporates both branding and sales live on the same screen.

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